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We aggregate, clean, rationalize, and index the multitude of sanction, terrorist, PEP, and criminal lists from around the world.

We have resources and processes in place to regularly update the current lists, and to continually expand the number of lists based on relevance and our active customer base demands.

License the SmartList™ database or use our super-smart and super-flexible SmartScan™ tool for a complete and affordable KYC Screening Solution.

KYC2020 SmartList Database

Our List database is the most comprehensive source for global watch lists. Supported lists include FATF, PEP, Organizational, Enforcement, and Criminal Lists. Learn more about KYC2020 SmartListand our process for aggregating and standardizing the global data sources to create one of the Smartest Sanction Lists Databases in the world. Use the SmartList Navigator tool to explore our supported lists. It is updated weekly because the number of supported lists is ever expanding!

Use the List Navigator to search our growing SmartList database. It is updated constantly.

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Overview of Supported Lists

With over 450 Lists, KYC2020 has got you covered.

  • FATF Lists - by organizations and countries

These lists are the base line for any KYC list screening tool. KYC2020 has the vast majority of these and include the 37 member countries and organizations which are part of the FATF. Many of the 180+ observing member’s lists are also available and more will become available over time.

  • PEP Lists – Federal, State, and Municipal

These lists are based on the publically available data on politicians around the world. KYC2020 now includes over 198 countries at the Federal level. In addition, as governments adopt a more “open” policy for providing this information in a structured format, it will be more readily available to add to the list screening tool. This is in fact the example KYC2020 added Canada OpenGov list of all Federal, Provincial and Municipal politicians is a good example of larger open data sets of lists.

  • Organizational Lists – Heads of International Organizations, Directors, and Major Shareholder

The FAFT has mandated that heads of international organizations be identified as potential for corruption in a similar way PEPs are today. They have gone further and stated that directors and major shareholders be identified and screen as well. Not to say that these persons are corrupt, just that the compliance officer be aware of the individual is acting on behalf of an inter-governmental organization or major corporation, and act accordingly as part of their AML regime. These lists are vast and many are publically available at most stock exchanges, and government related corporation sites.

  • Enforcement Lists

Most, if not all, FATF members have a list of enforcement actions taken against an individual and/or entity in their jurisdiction. KYC2020 has implemented most of these, and as other members make their lists public, they will be added to ensure that the most up to date lists are available for KYC list screening.

  • Criminal and Miscellaneous Lists

Criminal lists such as RCMP, FBI, Interpol are available as well as Miscellaneous lists such No-Fly, Sex Offenders, etc.

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