KYC and AML Screening does not have to be costly or complicated

In the past, AML compliance was limited to banks. Today, any business that handles money or financial assets must in the very least screen against global sanction lists to be compliant and avoid penalties. This includes PSPs, MSBs, FX Brokers, Investment Managers, Art Dealers, Real Estate Brokers, Travel Agents, Casinos, Charitable NGOs.

Unfortunately, existing databases and screening tools are designed for big banks with big budgets and complex work flows.

Existing solutions are either;

  • too complicated… I need a thumbtack not a sledge hammer,
  • too costly… Compliance is an overhead
  • too much… I need to be compliant not marry the person
  • too little… I want all the lists in one place
  • too time consuming… I don’t need a staff to deal with too many false positives

Solves these issues and more:

SmartScan Flexible Price Plans
We give you complete flexibility to suit every budget.

  • Easy to use, comprehensive suite of tools
  • Sophisticated and Comprehensive search capabilities
  • Individual or Batch based searches
  • Ability to qualify/score search results
  • Ability to completely manage the KYC process
  • Full logging for audit tracking and online convenience
  • A cost effective solution with a plan for every businesses needs and budget

SmartScan Flexible Price Plans

We give you complete flexibility to suit every budget.

KYC2020 Standard:

Our Basic Compliance Tool Suite:

  • Establishes AML/KYC compliance regime that is easy to use and cost effective
  • Eliminate the need for redundant information or complicated drop lists
  • Search over 450 selectable lists spanning Sanctions, Regulatory, PEP, and Criminal individuals and business
  • Ability to import private list to enhance Risk Based Approach

KYC2020 Pay-As-You-Go

All of the standard features plus:

  • Choose between 50, 100, or 200 search packs
  • Buy more as you go.

KYC2020 Enhanced:

All of the standard features plus:

  • Ability to upload batch files, large or small , to simplify KYC screening
  • Easy to use interface to track/manage results sets

KYC2020 Premium:

All of the Enhanced features plus

  • Ability to integrate into back office systems and AML workflows through an advanced RestFull/JSON API

KYC2020 White Label:

Are you a service provider? Need a custom solution? Then this option is the perfect solution. The plan includes any and all features of the above and any you can dream up. Let us help you build that perfect solution or service.

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