KYC2020™ -The most affordable and comprehensive source for global AML and KYC compliance check lists.

We offer complete flexibility on list access. From online screening, to API Library, to database as a service… we have you covered!

We offer price plans to meet any budget from Pay-As-You-Go to annual enterprise plans

* Sanction Lists * Watch Lists * PEP * No Fly Lists * Criminal * Directors * and expanding daily

All the Global Sanction Lists… in one place… at the right price

KYC and AML Screening does not have to be costly or complicated.

In the past, AML compliance was limited to banks. Today, any business that handles money or financial assets must, in the very least, screen against global sanction lists to be compliant and avoid penalties. This includes PSPs, MSBs, FX Brokers, Investment Managers, Art Dealers, Real Estate Brokers, Travel Agents, Casinos, Charitable NGOs.

Unfortunately, existing databases and screening tools are designed for big banks with big budgets and complex work flows. These solution are either complicated and costly, or when affordable, they simply lack the depth and sophistication to pass KYC compliance audits.

KYC2020 SmartList  and SmartScan  give you the most intelligent, affordable and comprehensive global watch list database, along with the most flexible and convenient way to access and screen against this data.

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KYC2020 SmartList

Most Comprehensive, Smart, and Affordable Watch Lists Database

We aggregate, clean, rationalize, and index the multitude of sanction, terrorist, PEP, and criminal lists from around the world.

We have resources and processes in place to regularly update the current lists, and to continually expand the number of lists based on relevance and our active customer base demands.


Use the List Navigator to search our growing SmartList database. It is updated constantly.

                  *Enter full or partial name of a List to see if it is currently supported

KYC2020 SmartScan

Easy to Use, Flexible to Integrate… and Affordable for All

A great KYC screening solution begins with an exhaustive Sanction Lists Database, but is useless without an intelligent search and scoring engine that minimizes False Positives.

SmartScan gives you the smarts and sophistication of an enterprise solution WITHOUT the Cost and Complexity. You have complete flexibility on price plans that suits your business needs, along with an extensive API Library for easy integration with your inhouse systems and workflow.

With SmartScan you no longer have to compromise price for features, flexibility or quality.


Smart Scan Simulator

Try out our search and scoring capabilities for yourself and see the power of KYC2020 instantly.

*You may enter the full or partial name(ex: "John Doe" or "Doe"), or identification(ex:"DLN345332" or "345332") to search

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